Tuesday, January 29, 2008

night at SingaPore...

For the night it dinner time... we were damn hungry... shop till forgot to eat ady... at first i wanted to go all the way to Paragon to have dinner at Ting tai fung i love the Xiao long bao there but we couldn't make it coz we were too hungry as we still have to walk to the other side and we are at Far east Plaza then just simply grab some snack 1st @"Chippy British Take away". while we were buying snack LAm finally get through my phone... according to him it been whole day he trying to contact me but fail.so then he say meet me at Far East plaza so we just hang around there...while waitng for Lam to get here...so It Camwhore time!!

This is where we bought our snack... it really yummie lor... wanted to try more.. when ever i get back there i'll go grab Some Chippy snack haha...

Crispy Chicken with Sauce....Yummie...

Jambo Sausage With Mash Potato We Got It "size up" The mash potato is very fluffy & smooth..
Ken love it too...
fooling around with my cripy chicken fillet...

Closer Look at the Sausage & Mash potato... so arr... nice..
sl..urp..... yum yum.. :P
As we meet up we Lam he suggested to bring us to Night Safari. At first i didnt wanna to the zoo i say but he told us that their Night Safari is world class zoo so is a must to go there and seriously everytime i hop by s'pore i'll never think of goin to the zoo most of the time i only think of where to shop that it haha...so it a pretty good experience i got there...we had fun at the night zoo.. it cool
Me Camwhoring again..while Lam it buying ticket.
wow. looky it a plane....look up..
Ken + I While waiting for the show to start....
sorry no flash and all + unstable shaky hand that why blur pix.. btw this picture show that there is a Binulong walking across the rope... they are really cute..

KEn make me wear this cap n take a photo.. =.="
after the show we went out again to grab some food... remember we didnt have proper dinner just now... while we reach there i didnt go n grab some bite 1st beacuse i we trying to catch the last show so after then show only we eat but instead of having proper meal we had Ben & jerry's ice-cream haha :P this picture was take in ben& jerry outlet.. nice wall..i blend wit those cowdy.
so after my ice-cream we continue some site seeing.. on a ride...
picture with lam..

Lam so nice helping me to carry all my shopping bags.. haha

ohh this picture was taken but accident... and some ang moh was saying some unplasent word to me indirectly... because i was trying to take a picture but i didnt mean to take the picture with flash lor...i swear i didnt know my camera was on auto mode.. :(

and yes this picture was taken with flash,... but this area is ok,.. coz it only fish we wont scare the fish with flash...so wit call off the night and go back to the hotel.

First stop....

Our first stop after we chacked in to the hotel is QueenWay Mall..... when is reach there is already 4pm and I already felt hungry it not even dinner time.. i was feeling hungry it all because i smelled the Katong Laksa smell from far.... it smell so good that i could resist so just hop by and try out the Katong laksa....

Didn't know their Laksa was that famous... alot of local celebrity like to hop by and have a bowl of laksa here too and even revisiting...so mean i didnt go to the wrong place haha...

Katong Laksa is something like our carry laksa but it not spicy and it has rich taste of coconut(santan) eat with their sambal the combination is damn good...funny thing was we dont we the noodle with fork nor chopstick but only use spoon... at first i tot they forgot to provide us wit the shopstick of something after a while we realize that the noodle is all very short so if give chopstivk also no use... memang have to eat with spoon only...-.-"

look at the yummy bowl of laksa... emm so yummy.. i miss it already.. wanna go eat again....i need to revisit too...

Oh i really love this bowl of laksa...Mr Ho love it too...we both share a bowl of laksa and it not enough...wanted another bowl but i scared fat so i didnt order..coz Mr ho say want to treat me to Hard rock for dinner later... so he say dont eat so much... then we move on to look for sport attire..i need to look for a pair of nice nike shoe for confy shoe for travel.. where else Mr Ho need to look for his MU jersey badly.

Camwhore time.... first shot.. fail blured..
Mr Ho said it a must to come this lil pond to take picture everytime he come by Queenway...

Let try another shot... perfect!! Mr Ho can happyly take picture after he found his MU jersey.. plus double happiness coz i bought it for him as Xmas presie....

my first shot.. fail too... blur... coz we taking from top n it far need to zoom kau kau... it not easy..

This shot pulak when i am not ready so fail...

finally there is an okay shot.. i was already lazy to pose ady... tired d.. :P

Next We head back to Orchard for Hard Rock..Ken is a Collector i like to collect all kinda nice figerin and collect item premium item from Hard rock,starbucks, planet Hollywood whenever her travel..this is the reason why we drop by hard rock..

My turn to camwhore.. haha.. :P

Bought my beloved LV Neverfull bag from this LV... hehe My favourite place to be... His favourite place to be....then we hangout at Orchard till dinner then we meet up will my s'porean fren then move on to Night SAfari..... :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Super Last Minute Trip to S'pore

Thanks to Mr Ho that is going for a business trip to SINGAPORE that why i get to Tag along to go as well. It all all all because of him suddenly say he need to go for a business trip to meet his Principle on the 070108 suppose.

At first i couldn't make up my mind to go or not to go for this trip because it just too last min. it like he inform me on Thursday(03jan08) ask me to take leave for monday & Tuesday is like peak season for me to take leave i have no choice but to take Emergency leave lor.

I didnt wanna take emergency leave that why i didnt wanna go but on friday evening ken call me told me that he bought the bus ticket to so well mean i have no choice but to go lor didnt wanna waste it plus i really wanted to go Singapore for Shopping badly hehe...

So we took the earlier Coach 07.30 am so charm have to wake up so early on a Sunday. Look at Mr.Ho at the begining of the journey so semangat.let see what happening later.






Look at Mr Lazy Pig so lazy he started sleeping 30minute after our coach start out journey. Kek si Wa lor he is the 1 that ask me to teman his for thsi trip so that he dont have to be alone trough out the journey -.-" kesian me but it ok i got music to listen to.

So we finally reach our destination around1pm our coach stop us at Novena square good thing that we try a different coach this time so it stop at different place this is the first time i ever drop by Novena quite a nice mall once we reach i saw this DOnut Factory so damn hungry wanted to rush in n grab a few donut but ken say better we go catch a proper meal -.-"

i was lucky i still get to see the xmas deco they haven't dismentle it yet so faster check out around the mall to get some fresh idea.(compatitor visit sial)
i think most of the mall in Singapore decorated their mall according to the Fairy tale theme by the government to promote their tourism. Ok that isn’t the main point the most important thing to me here is to SHOP so well I saw a lot of post Xmas & new year sales haha :P it gonna be a fun trip.
First stop is MOs Burger.everytime if i ever drop by S'pore for sure i must eat Mos Burger because no mos burger in

Ken's Set of Tariyaki Chicken

Damn hungry... Dont care let eat first.. yummm
on Ken's hand was fried mussels it damn yummy & juicy.
Ken so semangat California fitness he said must take picture of our club licky he didnt tell me that he wanna go gym....coz we are platinum member can go all the club..
i also camwhore along hehe...next destination will be cheking in to our hotel then get to Queenway mall to buy sport equitment hehe :P

Sunday, January 20, 2008

First celebration of the Year....

Once again Happy new year!! :) muaks muakz
first celabration of the year of coz it all started from new year eve.
Sadly on the new year eve i still got to work.
what is ur plan on the new year eve??
this is the question that everyone been asking me the day b4 till end of my working day
in my mind i got 3 plan
-steven's house bbq new year party
-stay at the Curve for the street party wit collegue
-hangout wit ken & yen hoe but aimless dunno where to go
i was aimless as well dunno where to go and what to do, cause as year goes by new year celebration it just another day so feeling a lil lazy to go out coz everywhere is pack wit human+ car every jam. so i finally make up my mind while driving home,
so i decided to hangout wit ken & yen hoe + Eyvonne tag along(coz she also dunno what to do + bored)
i thought of goin for a simple korean bbq dinner then wait for ppl to call us to go for drink or somthing.so happen every1 was 2 lazy to go out to drink most of my friend they have own home party so then after the dinner i just simply say "eh let go up to Genting"
the 3 of them was like "emm ok let go then" i was kinda shock that they will agree to go up genting out of sudden but nvm since decide just go ahead with it i like inpromptu decision :P.
ppl say picture speak a `1000 word' like have a look at the picture 1st :P

Yen hoe + I wonderring when our food will be coming coz we are damn hungryyyyyyyyyyy.... by the time we get our table is already around 10:30.can u imagine how hungry we could be..

once the food came we sapu hehe... :P

We went to Dai chong kam at section 14 around Jaya area cause it thought around this area sure not that pack 1 la mana tau so hidden restaurant also damn pack conclusion on whatever eve everyone will just come out that why everywhere is so so damn pack with ppl.

Cheer !!~~happy new year!! drinking korean wine :)

eyvonne + ken

this is moi MizsCaryn :)

Yen Hoe + Caryn we both look happy after with our enjoable meal.

we only order a set of meat & seafood mix set(bbq set) + kimchi soup set it still too much for the four of us we couldn't finish everything.

at first i feel that we kinda make the right decision to go up to Ganting because by the we finish our dinner is already around 11:30 so i need to go home and take jacket and chenge into more confortable clothes but we still manage to catch the firework from One Utama and the curve while we were on our way back to Eyvonne house to park her car back home. so right timing... i was the driver to drive up to Ganting(1st time driving up) i was abit scared but i have to choice but to drive because Ken was abit tired so i let him rest and yen hoe was abit sick on that night so no choice got to be the driver. It was all smooth along the way, the car is fine my driving is fine too but unlucky me half way through there was like this massive jam couse by all the car stopping by the side(car break down,temperature high & etc) i was abit freck out when i saw so many can got problem along the way then i start to imagine what happening if our cant make it up then i got scared so i need to stop by and chnage driver coz he was awake ady so i let the owner to continue the journey.We finally reach by 2:45.

The Guys

As we reach there we wasn't sure what we wanna so as we saw there is alot and lot of xmas deco so camhore a bit la :D

The Girls

KEn + CAryn

Ken + Eyvonne

Look like Papa+Mama & lui lui haha

Mr Looi & MizsTang the deco have some similarity with the curve one i mean just the house but different concept and all.

Mr Ho & MizsCAryn

Funny things that we all went all the way up to Ganting but none of us gamble we also dunno why we went up haha probably just for a cup of hot coffee latte from starbuck but with cooler serounding. so that is how we ended our new year celebration at our all this favorite Starbucks then we head back home around 5:30am. it was a simple yet memorable new year :)