Tuesday, November 8, 2011

clearing my wish list

As year goes by actually my wishlist 70% is all clear out by myself here is lil something that wasn't

given by some sweet sweet fren of my thanks to Mr. C he bought me something that i didnt know that tiff& co actually have and i didn't even ask for it but he was so observent to realize that i really love "bow" so he bought me a bow necklace from tiff & co for no spacial ocassion it not big deal but he is just to sweet to begin with..

that night he just ask me out for dinner as usual i was just wearing pretty casual then before we go down from the car he just pop of the blue paper bag from the back seat i was pretty surprise didn't know he actually will buy anything know that we were just very very good friend..
Well he just made my day being such a sweet guy.. thanks Mr C. xoxo.

Coming up next was every girls dream bag a would say usually majority of the girl will go for the classic black chanel lamb skin(black with red lining) but i won't, I am those that won't want to just have a classic bag, I kind told this person before that i won't want something that everyone have so well he actually remember and to my surprise he bought me this pretty baby...

To My surprise he is just to sweet to buy me such a give..

*so far i have not seen anyone using this bag except 1 time i saw a lady in Plaza indo she was using a bigger 1 not 2.55.

Would love to thanks him again...xoxo...

sign off for now, more updates soon hope that i have more free time to blog.



happily ever after

HOla there,
I am back this is 2 important highlight
finally my both bro & sis is happy married
add 2 new member to the family
welcoming Mr chan & new Mrs Tang
to the Tang family,

here is a lil pic of the ROM

My lil baby sister cum best fren is finally back from the states.
miss he so much when she is away.
she manage to reach back on the same day as my bro's ROM.

Added on new family member.

the ladies that day.

the followed by my elder's sister ROM
and her big day will be this year xmas eve.

Another new family member, welcome Mr Chan

all the both new member of the family.

just a short updates,