Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moi BirThday Post1

Hey Peep,
sorry for being Missing in action again.
been busy with work again.
i wanted to post this long ago but i didn't have the time to edit the pix and all
so just a short birthday post but i'll some how will post a more detail on other bday celebration.

so yup.. went pamper myself a bit at nail parlour to do my mani and pedi..
I had 3d nail art for my pedicure and had french manicure... :) loving it still looking good now..

close up for my mani &pedi
then later after my mani& padi at the curve i went all the way to pick up my sis for our outing at pyramid(she said that it been sometime we didn't go there)
my lil sis wanted a girl outing and and have a nice late lunch, but as we reach there been walking all around but still dunno where to eat so we ended up eating at T.g.i FRIDAY.
Ven Bee wanted to treat me for a nice lunch but we some how couldn't decide where to eat so just have a simple lunch we ordered 2 sets which it way too heavy for us.
Our food.....yum..
Ven Bee in action cam whoring..
moi in action cam whoring
Since i bought myself a new DSLR as Bday present so been playing around with it cam whore here and there..
ven bee again... u can check out her blog for more detail of this post :)
she have a summery of my bday celebration
Ven BEE & Moi
then later at night i had dinner wit my family but with out my bro...
then after dinner. i wanted to join Zia for got the Heineken party at Menara hup seng but when i done dinner it was pretty late ady plus jam and all they already going to more to next venue at future ady but i didn't join so i ended up at Alexis Ampang.
I was there for the tiramisu but sadly sold off so i guess we were late there la...
so i ended up wit passion fruit tea and chocolate moist pudding with ice-cream yumm...
we wanted to open a bottle of wine to chill out but ken said he no so into drinking wine that night so as i know i cant finish it on my own so no point ordering.

Ken Enjoying his tea with honey...
he just cant have enough of his "hunny" muahaha...

moi enjoying my drink and loving the simple chill our itself ady been eating cake office have a suddenly celebration for me.. then have a small moist cake for supper haha.. wow it a fatty bday for me only Saturday and my bday fall on Monday...

and a picture of the day taken by ken.. playing with my DSLR..
I just like my lash... hee..

more updates soon,
really felt damn bad coz i abandon my blog for so long.
ok la gtg, nite nite,