Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ven Bee's Birthday@ Shangri-la, Lemon Garden

Hi there,

I know i know i been missing no post no update....
I been kidnap by alien(kidding)
I been stuck with my new job for month (super busy & tortured by my boss)
been working on weekends, kesian me...

ok back to ven bee's b'day dinner... i know this was long time ago but i stop here so there i continue.

ken treat moi & I treat ven bee & her bf(suan) for the dinner, as suan loong bought me a nice "couch wristlet" so i tot of treating them for a nice dinner... haha and i hope they have enjoyed themselves.

My lil sis + I

Moi and my 1st round of food lol...
woo.. biggy.. oyster... love em... together with fresh sashimi...

Big fresh prawn...

The birthday girl...so fast go for dessert ady... cant resist the chocolate fondue haha
my lil sis go came here just to have this fish ball soup noodle lor... she + SL love it...
this is my second round... Caesar salad with salmon

this is my 3rd round... Caesar salad with salmon with clam soup + lamb

3rd round is also Caesar salad wit Salmon i just love the salad so much..i also Salmon love it love it

then another round of Salmon + fresh seafood

Dessert time!!

Check out the dessert bar...

moi waiting for my ice-cream mixture.....oooOOo
Ice-cream mixture(mango+strawberry ice-cream+topping raspberry+blueberry+marshmallow)

this is the outcome out the ice-cream mixture Kuih-muih with chocolate stick..
this is the only dish that we don't really like so we kinda waste it(feel bad )

yeah love to play with the chocolate fondue...

1st round of dessert...

after food it CAM Whore TIME...

CARyn +Ven BEE
The Girls

Ken + Suan Loong
The Guys



The birthday Girl,Ven Bee
Next back @ home

We have a cake prepare for ven bee waited till 12... it out a tradition to cut cake with family at 12 hehe... so i shell end here...

Ciao, XOxo