Friday, October 28, 2011

Very F!rst Post for 2011

Hola there,

This is like my first post ever this year..
is have been a very exciting year for me..
so many fun thing, new thing, new toys, new ppl around,
I have not idea where to start and how to catch up with some many event that i have went and have not write down a single line here..

I have been a fulfilling year so far,plenty of holidays, work & travel, fill up my wish list,
i think i time for me to start writing down new wish list for next year plan new aim & goal to move on.
after getting the last balenciaga bag i think i time to get a prada bag for coming xmas... and many more..
how should i write about on my next post?
bout my new car - snowy?
bout Mr C or Mr T
my holidays?
my best friend wedding,
bro & sis wedding? (omg so many wedding this year)

so sososo many things,events passes by just duno how to start,
nvm just stay tune
more to come..

anyway i'm bz preparing my Halloween costume for moro zouk party...
more update on the party soon.