Monday, April 20, 2009

Bangkok Day 2

yo peeps
I am back..
Amazing Bangkok day 2
since we didn't get to go about on the 1st night...
so we gotta wake up super early to catch up more place...

so yup i woke up about 6.45 local time to get ready then got to wake the guys up take me a least half and hour to wake them so.. we dili da li till about 7.45 only go down to eat our breakfast....

moi being early bird to get down to had our breakfast

moi having a my simple breakfast

Ken and his bakey
we had cute mini croissant..
so after out bakey then we go out walk around before we can go for our main destination(BITEC)

We walk along the streets..

vendor along the streets...

vendor all around on our way to lucky Buddha(on tuk-tuk)

vendor selling food,drink to gift

so many things you can buy from everywhere...

then as we were just walking around pratunum area then there is this local that could speck English(can understand her that kind)she was very nice and told us that we should go to Lucky budhha temple coz whole month only 1 day open to public to visit(so must go )

and she even help us to nego wit the tuk tuk driver for only 20baht for 2 way(cheap)

moi outside of lucky Buddha temple...

lucky Buddha

ken with temple background haha...
we found this really fat and big cock outside the temple..
so there after lepaking for a while and the temple then we head to some export gem center..
just to check out some gem but in the end only Raynor bought something for his mom..
then we head to (BiTEC)
for the international motor show
the entrance of BITEC(is like spore expo)

luxury car area(Lexus sport)
next.. was..of coz got car must have pretty girl rite??
so lei me show u some Thai girl.. @show haha
Mitsubishi Thai girls(at counter girls)

Mitsubishi (show girls)

Honda Girls

cute Honda merchandises specially for JAzz...
they even got bowling bag for Jazz.. so cool..

my fav caR...

Cooper S..

i Realize that i like all this small and cute this 1...

this is small but powerful...

Well actually i got plenty more of Thai girl pix but i decided to split it to 2 post... so that all for this post will update soon...
good nite..

Friday, April 17, 2009

Bangkok Day 1

hey peeps,

Sorry for the super outdated post..
all because i was to busy with my company side project job need to do a lot of research...
so so so that why so late only get to blog about it...

in this post just about day1

btw this trip wasn't a smooth 1 because we got delayed after delayed k damn suck...

the lazy & sleepy pig can just sleep anywhere anytime...

us on our was to Lcct...yes we are taking airasia....coz out tix was damn cheap..

Raynor looking serious... haha

ya btw this trip is just 3 of us..

ya i was saying that we taking that low cost flight right and our flight was suppose to be at 18.40 but we got delay to 19.30pm then when almost 19.30 they announce that flight to Bangkok delay to 20.30 (WTF)

I damn damn kau piss off lor, wasting my time to the max, then i was making a lot of noise so then ken bring me to duty free area see if can buy me something to cheer me... and he know that, to shut my mouth is to feed me with food so he say he will buy me this....





the super XXXXL Chupa chups lolipop(to shut my mouth)

no la in the end i just but the normal XL chupa chups...

so guess what by the time we reach Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) was ady 10ish and we still need take a cab to get to the hotel(45min)

so can u imagine we can only get to eat our dinner at 11ish...after we settle down everything then we straight away dash to look for food so...1st stop was BK Burger King..

SO thing is that we can choose which those beef burger change into pork burger.. so the 3 of us had this bacon cheese pork burger.. is damn nice ok....or maybe we are too hungry haha...

I seriously it damn nice.. i love the pork burger is damn juicy...
ken is lovin it too.. plus he ordered yam with corn pie too.. lucky we tried the yam pie here coz McD no more yam's pie..

raynor it so busy eating dont every have time to look at the camera.. haha(too hungry)so u can tell how nice is the pork burger?

after that we plan to 7eleven to get some liquor and snack to bring back to hotel,but mantau

New law buy or sell liqour also got time lei... -.-"

u can only buy during the right time from 11.00-14.00 then after 2 u cant buy you have to wait till 17.00-24.00 only can buy so after out dinner supper was after after 12 so didn't get to but so just end up with some cold drink and snacks but... after we reach our hotel we were ady pretty tired and lazy so just call off the night early then we'll wake up early to start another day....

that all for now more to come about amazing Bangkok day 2..



good night

Monday, April 6, 2009

I am Back :)

Yo peeps
Sorry for being MIA (Missing in Action) again..
I am back from Bangkok for about a week and yet no update... hehe been really busy got so many things to catch up with when i came back from my short brake...
oh btw u know this trip i went with my 2 other guy besties....
their main mission to go there is to go for the 30th international motor show in Bangkok (Bitec)26 March-4 April 2009..
and my main Mission is to go and be Rebacca Bloomwood no2... haha..

Gosh Look at my huge Luggage bag.....

then u know that if i have shop till drop... haha.. no la that isn't my baggage la i have a smaller .. i got with 1 bag come back with 3 bag only ma... lolx

that la for now i'll blog in detail over the weekends about Amazing Bangkok.. and earth hour at Bangkok...

xoxo,nite nitez