Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My DeaD boDY is Worth.....

Last week I seem like a long weekends…I seem that I have been thru a lot… I have seen all the sorrow… during my grandma funeral. I can see that my whole family all unite to do something.. everyone came n pay their last respect to grandma..i have seen her dead body on Thursday it was before she was make up and put into the coffin.. :'( she look like she is sleeping peacefully...
-=May you rest in peace=-

Since her passing I felt that I have grow up and even became stronger instead..and this year is the year that I have been thru a lot of ups n down…I used to be a cry baby super emotional person…then I realize when thing really happen I dunno how to cry anymore... couse of her passing I realize life is just so short.. then it make me wonder how should I make full use of my life… and then make me wonder what do I want during my funeral.. what happen when I die? Know 1 know how I wanted my funeral to be? Wat to do with my dead body…sell your body to science?? Just bury it?? Of make it into gem stone?? Now I know I my body only worth $5225….allow people so explore me? Of donate my organ to that ppl that is in need able to use my organ to leave on?
$5225.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth. From Mingle2 - Dating Site

Mingle2 - Dating Site

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Magical moment & memorable tales

This is the dates to remember 20.07. 2007 = 20072007

This is the surprised and happiest day of the year…

I finally clear out another item from my wish list..

My NEW TOY!! Pearlly

My Pearlly!!
Specially thanks to MR.HO for seeking high and low for my dear “Pearly”(seashell white Sony vaio) this colour is our of stock everywhere but he manage to get it for me!

Have to really thanks him for the complete set of original accessories which is the mouse and laptop case which worth RM393 for both…

Nice carrying case!!

The mousey!!
For the whole week I was expecting my laptop to be here on the 18.07.07 but I was so disappointed because the shop people call me up 1 day before to inform me that “it really out of stock in the market I cant get you this C series seashell white sony vaio” -.-‘’

I was so damn sad…I purposely got the on Monday to give my deposit rm500 so that they can secure an order for me the white colour 1.then on Tuesday I have to go all the way there to get back my deposit because thay say there is now was that I could get it in the market now how sad! but two days later I got it I got a brand new sony seashell white..really have to thanks ken a lot…xoXo muakz muakz

It was a real surprise for me because I didn’t expect to get my laptop so fast… I tot I have to wait and all due to the limitation of stock in the market.
That day ken was suppose to meet me for dinner so he reach my house before me..i wasn’t surprise because from my working place to get back to my house have to go thru the normal peek hour jam.So as I enter the house it seem normal ken was resting at the sofa then my sis was doing her own thing then ken ask me to faster go get change for dinner later… mana tau when I go into my room there the brand new laptop laying on my table OMG! Such a surprise and such a happy day!!

Thanks Ken baby!!


Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Inspir@tion tales…

Once upon a time I was a clueless girl who just leave my life as it is everyday happy go luck without much worry. Since I have great job with a great boss and I enjoy my life a lot without much stress. So my routine everyday was just goin to work and go home lepak-ing then over the weekend since I know is the only holiday that I’ll get so I’ll make sure my day wisely spend. I’ll make sure that my schedule is real tight, make sure I’ll get to go out for Gai gai.

So once fine day my friend was bored with goin out with me so he confronted me and ask me WHY cant I ever stay home and enjoy what I have at home since my dad have spend so much effort building such a great and comfortable home for us.Not till he told me, now only realize! So sorry dad! From now onward I’ll appreciate our house.
So back to second point he makes me realize is that I shouldn’t waste my time just like that since every weekends I so free instead of think of going out everyday I should have make full use of my talent and what I have to do something more meaning full instead of going out n spend money. Since I been complaining that I have not enough money to use wanna start do to a lil something to earn extra money.
So this strike me i always wanted to start a lil business or something or make something to sell on ebay or something coz I hear tales from my fren that actually work from home full time selling stuff on ebay every month earning 2-3k.
So I been really inspired to work out something. since I like fashion since I like clothes and I like going one buying trip of cause so since both sister have the same interest too..
So one fine day(24 April 2007)have decided to come out with a lil business which I and the designer to come out with the whole branding my elder sister do the PR n publicity on her blog n update our company blog and my lil mui mui be the financial controller!
We some out with out own fashion like name SUGARPOPPINS!

Here is the LOGO OF poppins

Here is the 3 poppins-ian

Our very first buying trip on the 290607-020707
Our official site was launched on the month on July it http://www.sugarpoppins.blogspot.com/
i hope that our business go well and can go for our next buying trip soon hehe!!:)
it a totally different experience from normal shopping when u are on buying trip.at least we have to really wisely if not will make the company business run smoothly.. must get good and unique product where else spending or shopping for self is fuck it just buy only!haha….i feel everything I do now is much much more meaningful…my life started to changed buy his wise word…only people that care for me will point out my mistake and correct it for me!! Thank u very much!! That wise man u know who you are! Thanks or your love and care all this while!!

Here are some picture from out photo shot to promote out product!

Monday, August 6, 2007

PigGing out tales….

This is the story about a pig(Ken) and a cow(caryn).. Once upon a time.. this lil pig was out there in Singapore for work with his daddy pig! so when he was there he get the try out some nice restaurant name Tony Roma’s

Cowdy & piGgy adventure

This pig know that the restaurant is famous for it rib pork knocker. so then they went there to try it out, that time piggy & his daddy pig enjoyed their meal there very much! so there will continue to try out more food when everytime they are in Singapore…
So as this pig gone back to his farmland and his tell his very own interesting pigging out story(he tempted the cow)and promise that he must bring the cow to go try out Tony Roma’s when ever they have a chance to get down to Singapore.
So as month pass by, the pig and cow planed to down for shopping trip with their buddies and of coz in time the itinerary must have planed to eat at Tony Roma’s.. but too bad this lil cow was too busy shopping till cant make it to eat at the restaurant where else the other friends went on separate way so they manage to eat at Tony Roma’s.Even cow & pig they sacrificed their fine dining but they went home very fruitfully (they make full use or their shopping time)

This is other buddies that follow!!
everyone going with a mission to complete!
Month & month later piggy had a working trip got to go down to Singapore again and so happen that the cow is on holiday, so the cow tag along to follow he pig down with a mission to eat at Tony Roma’s and to pay visit to her friend in Singapore.

Thanks to the smart pig’s planning we went down at the wrong timing when we reach is like 2:30 am so wat do they gonna do there?? Midnight in a unfamiliar farmland! there is nothing they can do, cant check into our hotel cause is fully book we can only check in the morning... they went out for walk and look for food as usual!

As this is piggy’s is on working trip so the pig and the cow have to go on separate way to work toward their mission at Singapore. Cow went to meet up with her Singapore rabbit friend. This rabbit is a nice friend bring the cow to explore around the place and try out all the nice food around and most importantly Shopping… Cow went Mad cause is was GSS(Great Singapore Sale).. so they shop like nobody business… cow and pig suppose meet up and eat at tony roma’s but too bad, Coz pig too busy meeting with client and he ended up pigging out with his client at tony roma’s without cow -.-“ sad for cow… in conclusion cow didn’t get to eat out at Tony roma’s again…where piggy promise to bring…
But one day this restaurant finally reach their farmland(m’sia) but their so call famous pork knocker is not gonna be in the manu… u know why coz all the food in their farmland was suppose to be HALAL.. so no pork… to protect the piggy haha…Wtf rite cow always do get to eat…
But the pig said don't care must bring the cow go as his promise,so once ine day pig bring cow cow to try out,so they venture to Tony Roma's !Finally ended up at cineleisure newly open Tony roma’s…

This is cow cow

This is pigGy

This is what they ended up ordering this!!Since NO pork knockle for them!

Cowdy's selmon

Piggy's Lamb

Pig & Cow after their enjoyable meal!

so finally the cow get to eat at Tony's Roma's since then this cow will be pigging out with the fatty piggy and stay happily ever after in the farmland!
=the end=

*How lame this pig actually recommended cow to pork knocker? eating own species
& cow eat grass why wanna go eat rib leh?? eating own kind siao

Saturday, July 7, 2007

My first tales…

A fairy tale is a fictional story that usually features folkloric characters (such as fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, witches, giants, and talking animals) and enchantments, often involving a far-fetched sequence of events. In modern-day parlance, a "fairy tale ending" refers to a happy ending, though there are notable examples and genres of fairy tales that do not end happily.
So this is the place where i jot my happy ending. Here i am to write my very own fairy tales...

My fairy Tales sTorybook!

Once upon a time there is a girl who loves to live in her own world, her very own fantasy world. Does she know what the reality is like?? She only wanna lives happily everyday!! But there is no such thing as lives happily everyday rite?? Everyone have to go through their up and down rite??So here is the blog that tell a little of her fairy tales..


I am a girl that wishes to live in a fairytale story and never wake up from my almost perfect story of my life…

This m3

You'll soon read more of my fairly tales....muakxx cya