Tuesday, November 8, 2011

clearing my wish list

As year goes by actually my wishlist 70% is all clear out by myself here is lil something that wasn't

given by some sweet sweet fren of my thanks to Mr. C he bought me something that i didnt know that tiff& co actually have and i didn't even ask for it but he was so observent to realize that i really love "bow" so he bought me a bow necklace from tiff & co for no spacial ocassion it not big deal but he is just to sweet to begin with..

that night he just ask me out for dinner as usual i was just wearing pretty casual then before we go down from the car he just pop of the blue paper bag from the back seat i was pretty surprise didn't know he actually will buy anything know that we were just very very good friend..
Well he just made my day being such a sweet guy.. thanks Mr C. xoxo.

Coming up next was every girls dream bag a would say usually majority of the girl will go for the classic black chanel lamb skin(black with red lining) but i won't, I am those that won't want to just have a classic bag, I kind told this person before that i won't want something that everyone have so well he actually remember and to my surprise he bought me this pretty baby...

To My surprise he is just to sweet to buy me such a give..

*so far i have not seen anyone using this bag except 1 time i saw a lady in Plaza indo she was using a bigger 1 not 2.55.

Would love to thanks him again...xoxo...

sign off for now, more updates soon hope that i have more free time to blog.



happily ever after

HOla there,
I am back this is 2 important highlight
finally my both bro & sis is happy married
add 2 new member to the family
welcoming Mr chan & new Mrs Tang
to the Tang family,

here is a lil pic of the ROM

My lil baby sister cum best fren is finally back from the states.
miss he so much when she is away.
she manage to reach back on the same day as my bro's ROM.

Added on new family member.

the ladies that day.

the followed by my elder's sister ROM
and her big day will be this year xmas eve.

Another new family member, welcome Mr Chan

all the both new member of the family.

just a short updates,


Friday, October 28, 2011

Very F!rst Post for 2011

Hola there,

This is like my first post ever this year..
is have been a very exciting year for me..
so many fun thing, new thing, new toys, new ppl around,
I have not idea where to start and how to catch up with some many event that i have went and have not write down a single line here..

I have been a fulfilling year so far,plenty of holidays, work & travel, fill up my wish list,
i think i time for me to start writing down new wish list for next year plan new aim & goal to move on.
after getting the last balenciaga bag i think i time to get a prada bag for coming xmas... and many more..
how should i write about on my next post?
bout my new car - snowy?
bout Mr C or Mr T
my holidays?
my best friend wedding,
bro & sis wedding? (omg so many wedding this year)

so sososo many things,events passes by just duno how to start,
nvm just stay tune
more to come..

anyway i'm bz preparing my Halloween costume for moro zouk party...
more update on the party soon.


Monday, August 2, 2010

Just a lil updates

I been so long since my last holiday.. i so fun just to get a lil brake from not working and enjoy a bit of "siew lai lai" life...

everyday wake up at 12 or 1pm sleeping at 3 or 4 am i just nice but it gonna be officially ending by today.. sob sob.. I'll be starting new job tomorrow.

but well i did enjoy very much this holiday it was really lazy chilling july for me.. just to do all my catch up with my old friends and spending more times with family or just bring my new icy mac(macbook pro) out and sit at Starbucks to just chill and catch up with my work... it was nice..

anywayz.. it wa fun to have this kinda free time once in a while but it i cant stand to long for this kinda like I'll get bored of it because you don't get to share it where your friends as everyone is busy working and being the "mo si yan" (useless ppl)

so i cant help it ,i better get myself a new job at least working i have things to complain about other then u being too free in 1 week time can go 2 times massage of 2 hours each time can?? but at first is was like i really need it since my shopping trip from singapore make me dead tired.... but on thursday & friday night wait just to teman my frens for massage..
not complaining but fun.

Just a lil updates on my lazy July... i quit my job on the 9th july 2010 so basically i only work the first week of the month. The month started with My dear sis Ven bee's Convo @Nikko hotel

so on her convo itself it was like such a busy day for me and every1 expect so much from me...
i as suppose to help me dad to fetch my mom to go there and get my sis flower and presie not that i wanna be last minute but flower i ant just buy 1st rite? then have to help suan long to get her flower as well.ands so that day it help i m on half day leave because that day i got serious appointment with client and i cant take off so then after my appt need to rush home to pick my mom then get myself dress up and need to rush to KL and at still haven't bought my flower yet till i reach kl... and ven bee ask us to be there by 2pm when i was buying flower it already frecking 1.30 and by the time we reach nikko hotel and the parking sux big time i tell u not enough parking when got events lor...

but lucky i still manage to be there on time and my bro came by to join us. dad's ask to take care of this because he is away in Hong kong for golf tournament.


moi @ Nikko hotel getting ready before meeting venbee...
Ven Bee @ her convo

went for the kaspersky event

then was a nail model at the beauty expo (cosmo beauty) for the fantastic nails awards.

Celebrated ven bee birthday together with new family member (sister in law)
it out the sister thingy we do lunch together just the both of us will celebrate each other birthday. this year was @ italianis 1 utama

Visited KLCC bridge @41st floors
it was a last minute plan i woke up on a sunday morning at 6 fetching my dad to klia then go home sleep back once wake up got a sms asking me to go visit klcc bridge i was like "WHAT"?? and the next thing i know i end up there... and by going to klcc make my wallet burn a hole too...

I end up at L.o.u.i.s V.u.i.t.ton bought myself a wallet because i just burn mine in lv and a Iphone case...
and the next things i know in the mid of the month i was suppose to go Singapore for GSS but my friends last minute cancel but i make it happen the next week i went on the 23-25th july hehe
I was suppose to go there to catch up with my friends but those Malaysians friends on mine end up coming back when i go down -.-""

but still managed to meet with a few friend. :)

detail in the next post...

need to go to bed early tomorrow gotta w.o.r.k -.-""

Caryn ryn

Sunday, August 1, 2010


GONNA START BLOGing all over again
Starting from NOW!!!


Caryn RYN

Monday, November 23, 2009

In loving memories of Cocoa Chanel Tang

Hi peep
i have not idea why i have abandon my blog for so damn long, not that I am super busy or what I guess i was to addicted with 2 thing 1 is pps stream another is facebook..
yes that is the total reason why I been MIA I dont wanna blame my work or what just that I totally use up my blogging time to0 facebook time...
my bad, I have so so so many thing that i wanna update i cant believe that for my 24th birthday i only blog 1post is only the very first part i was suppose to post more at least 3 post about it.. as u know normally birthday I'll celebrate whole month haha...
I'll for sure blog more....
I am still mourning.. because my dear baby Cocoa Chanel... so miss my baby girl....
In loving memories of Cocoa Chanel Tang
just to share a few picture of her... can check out the link my sis uploaded her picture there really miss her... not only i miss her my whole family even friends like Suan loong, ken and those that come to my house....
girl i really wish u can be with us a lil longer...
In loving memories of Cocoa Chanel Tang(8/5/2001-10/11/2009)
miss my baby girl
rest in peace
from your Ling che

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Moi BirThday Post1

Hey Peep,
sorry for being Missing in action again.
been busy with work again.
i wanted to post this long ago but i didn't have the time to edit the pix and all
so just a short birthday post but i'll some how will post a more detail on other bday celebration.

so yup.. went pamper myself a bit at nail parlour to do my mani and pedi..
I had 3d nail art for my pedicure and had french manicure... :) loving it still looking good now..

close up for my mani &pedi
then later after my mani& padi at the curve i went all the way to pick up my sis for our outing at pyramid(she said that it been sometime we didn't go there)
my lil sis wanted a girl outing and and have a nice late lunch, but as we reach there been walking all around but still dunno where to eat so we ended up eating at T.g.i FRIDAY.
Ven Bee wanted to treat me for a nice lunch but we some how couldn't decide where to eat so just have a simple lunch we ordered 2 sets which it way too heavy for us.
Our food.....yum..
Ven Bee in action cam whoring..
moi in action cam whoring
Since i bought myself a new DSLR as Bday present so been playing around with it cam whore here and there..
ven bee again... u can check out her blog for more detail of this post :)
she have a summery of my bday celebration
Ven BEE & Moi
then later at night i had dinner wit my family but with out my bro...
then after dinner. i wanted to join Zia for got the Heineken party at Menara hup seng but when i done dinner it was pretty late ady plus jam and all they already going to more to next venue at future ady but i didn't join so i ended up at Alexis Ampang.
I was there for the tiramisu but sadly sold off so i guess we were late there la...
so i ended up wit passion fruit tea and chocolate moist pudding with ice-cream yumm...
we wanted to open a bottle of wine to chill out but ken said he no so into drinking wine that night so as i know i cant finish it on my own so no point ordering.

Ken Enjoying his tea with honey...
he just cant have enough of his "hunny" muahaha...

moi enjoying my drink and loving the simple chill our session..today itself ady been eating cake office have a suddenly celebration for me.. then have a small moist cake for supper haha.. wow it a fatty bday for me haha...it only Saturday and my bday fall on Monday...

and a picture of the day taken by ken.. playing with my DSLR..
I just like my lash... hee..

more updates soon,
really felt damn bad coz i abandon my blog for so long.
ok la gtg, nite nite,